spiritual entrepreneur Aug 10, 2020

Normally, the summertime is the time of year to let loose, gather together, and even get a little wild and rambunctious. It’s the time when we mark important rites of passage like graduations and weddings, to name just a couple. So, with the incredibly uncertain and strange state of the world right now, it may feel like we’re cut off from marking this time of year, from feeling connected to the season, feeling grounded, and simply cut off from the fun feeling of summer. This may sound small given the scope of everything that's happening, but it's important to acknowledge this simple and subtle way we may feel ungrounded right now--it can add to the uncertainty. 

Even if we can’t socialize and party this summer (especially in the normally wild Leo season), we can still be instruments of joy. Because It’s vital to realize that your positivity is helpful and needed. Your humor is a healer. Your love and joy are healers too. There's nothing insignificant about the impact that your loving positivity has on others. That’s probably why you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, after all! Your spiritual gifts are needed. 

So let’s take time to CELEBRATE. Let's celebrate our accomplishments. Let's take in our successes. Let’s enjoy what we can. Let’s connect to nature, ourselves, and each other. Let’s gather as many rosebuds as we can. 

How do we do this?

Let’s bring that desire to gather, to let loose and get wild within. Because the universe is always here to celebrate with you and to simply celebrate YOU.

Here are some simple ways to bring the party within during these dog days of summer...

  • Meditate. Really! I’m not kidding. You can meditate with a sense of celebration, because meditation is a party for your soul. This is partying and celebrating by going inward at its fullest expression. 
  • Take as much time as possible out in nature and don’t delay from visiting those sites in nature that make you really feel the beauty of the summer (visit safely, of course!).
  • Have solo or at-home dance parties often.
  • Create a playlist of your favorite celebratory songs for your daily dance party! 
  • Shout and make crazy sounds until you can’t stop laughing. Bonus points for jumping and/or shaking while doing this! 
  • Create an online event for your community. Ask your friends to have spiritual hang dates like doing readings or healing for each other, or drinking cacao together. Or have zoom parties with soul friends!
  • Order takeout from your favorite local restaurant and have a celebratory picnic in your backyard or in your favorite park.
  • Take your spiritual business out on a date (SEE THE MEDITATION BELOW!).

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Importantly for your spiritual business, I really want to encourage you to take a moment to CELEBRATE your accomplishments at this time.

It's classic for many of us spiritual entrepreneurs to be constantly looking forward toward what needs to be done or judging ourselves for what we haven't done yet. But what about what you have done? What about all of the little things you succeed in doing each day from getting up when you don't necessarily want to, to choosing to be kind when you could be cranky, to the major milestones in your business that I know you have already accomplished like getting your training, choosing to start a business, booking a client, or buying a url, making money doing what you love, and so much more. Truly, wherever you're at with this, I know there are many accomplishments you can mark. 

In case you need it, here’s a reminder that celebrating yourself and your accomplishments is another part of receiving, taking in how far you’ve come on your path, in your business, enjoying summer. The receptive mode is about taking in what we already have, being present, accepting and loving life as it already is. Feeling gratitude for everything, especially now, will nourish you deeply.

So here’s a fun activity to celebrate yourself, your accomplishments, and your spiritual business. 

I like to call it...

Taking your spiritual business out on a date!

Because why not? 

One day this week, mark your calendar “SPIRITUAL BUSINESS DATE.” Then spend an afternoon absolutely flowing with the energy of your spiritual business. Take that afternoon to take in how far you’ve come and celebrate both you and the important impact on the world you are actively cultivating with your spiritual business. 

To really get into it, you can even buy your spiritual business roses. Bake a cake or a nice meal for your spiritual business. Set up your space to make it feel really nice in some way, carve out your space for yourself. Create your meditation station. Light a celebratory candle if you like! Get creative with this. 

Then from the super magical space you’ve created, get a journal handy and get ready to enter into this meditative process...

Spiritual Business Meditation

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself in your body and breath. Get in touch with your breath and notice how your breath is moving through you. 

Then invite some smiling energy into your heart. Connect to joyful smiling energy and invite the Spirit of your spiritual business to be with you. 

Imagine your spiritual business as a radiant home of light. What does it look like to you? Is it an architecture? Is it a person? Is it a garden? What image encompasses the wholeness of your spiritual offering? 

Take some time breathing, connecting, and really seeing your spiritual business and spiritual offering in your minds eye.

Now that you’ve connected to your spiritual business in this way. Imagine filling the architecture of your spiritual business with loving energy from your heart. Breathe into your heart and send love into the foundation of your spiritual business.  Are there areas of your spiritual business that need more love and light? Breathe even more love into those areas. With the next breath, send love into every inch of your spiritual business. Continue sending so much love, gratitude, and appreciation to your spiritual business that it is positively overflowing with love. 

Keep sending gratitude and love to your spiritual business.

Send gratitude and love to yourself for all your accomplishments. 

See yourself and your spiritual business just surrounded in this gorgeous love light.

Receive that love! Receive the gratitude for yourself and the space you hold for others. 

And repeat these affirmations to really let it sink in...


I celebrate my spiritual business!

I celebrate my accomplishments!

I celebrate myself

I celebrate all of my successes

I am proud of myself

I am doing so good 

I welcome new levels of joy and play into my life

I am letting loose and letting go of what I don’t need

I am giving others permission to be positive and joyful

My joy is enabling others to feel joy


Of course that last one is a forever affirmation.

When you feel ready, take some time with your journal to answer the following questions...

Journal Questions:

Ask your spiritual business...

How can I nurture you?

What do you need?

 What is going well?

 How do you want to grow? 

Ask yourself...

What are some things I have accomplished this year?

What am I proud of myself for in my spiritual work?

What are the ways in which I have been showing up and succeeding?

What successes can I mark today?

Take some time to ask yourself and your spiritual business any other questions you need to know the answer to.

When you’re feeling complete, play a celebratory song and just celebrate how utterly magnificent you are and how vibrant and vital your gifts are to the world.


For bonus points, before going to bed, take stock of your day in your mind’s eye, from your compassionate, magnanimous higher self. Think about the things you did today. The mini-accomplishments. The-mini wins and the big wins too. Celebrate yourself. Be grateful for as many things as you can from your day. And be grateful for yourself for everything you do.

You are incredible. You do more than you know. You are sooo amazing and you are doing enough. Blessings to you and your spiritual business! On behalf of the community of spiritual entrepreneurs, I want to celebrate you and thank you for sharing your gifts!

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