spiritual entrepreneur Aug 03, 2020

Sometimes you have to surrender and go with the flow. Especially with the unpredictable state of the world, it’s becoming more important than ever to be here now.

As you practice going with the flow, you’ll find that flowing is a form of manifesting, and also flowing will help you to receive!

How Going With the Flow is a Form of Manifesting

There’s a funny thing that happens when you start to surrender, trust more, and let fun be your guide... 

And it’s surprisingly simple...

The more you play and have fun, the more you magnetize more playful and fun experiences! If your general mode is enjoyment as you go about your work, you will attract more enjoyment and more success. 

Flow also brings us to a state of oneness, a space of no separation, a space of possibility, and a space of magnetizing everything we need to us, effortlessly. 

An essential aspect of your work as a spiritual entrepreneur is to go with the flow, go with the flow state, go with the inspiration, get really inspired and creative, and just experience the beauty of this planet. 

Today, practice being in the moment. Come back to intentionality, infusing each thing you do with your attention. By practicing mindful marketing in this way, every aspect of your business can become a joy! 

Going With the Flow is a Process of Receiving

Many spiritual entrepreneurs are excellent at giving, but they definitely need practice in receiving. 

The flow state is a state of receiving.

Going with the flow and giving yourself space and time to “just be” lets you really take in what life has to offer right here and right now. We have to be present and open to receive. We have to allow for the beauty of the present moment in order to be fully receptive.

How Can You Receive More?

Here are some gentle, simple ways to dive deeper into receiving:

  • Take time to listen. Receive the words of others.
  • Save compliments or kind words, nice emails, accomplishments you receive in a “compliment bank” document. Or print out the digital ones and make it a scrapbook. 
  • If someone offers you something and your reaction is to say “no thanks, that’s okay”...say “yes, thank you” instead. 
  • In between tasks, take a few breaths and pause. Receive silence. Receive the pause. 
  • Next time you hug someone, just really take that hug in. 

So with these flowy, receptive thoughts in mind, join me for a gentle, fun, floating meditation that will help you go with the flow, receive more, and manifest peaceful abundance into your life… 

If you like, you can record the meditation and play it back to yourself to really experience this as a guided meditation. Or you can join me over on this week’s podcast. 

A Meditation To Go With The Flow

Find a comfortable meditative space either sitting up or lying down. Close your eyes and connect to your breath. Feel the breath moving in and out of your body like a wave. Like waves of the ocean. Both giving and receiving. 

Imagine you are floating on the most beautiful body of water that appeals to you right now.

You could be floating in a vast blue ocean.

Or on a gorgeously serene still lake.

Feel that the temperature of the water is just perfect, it’s totally relaxing. 

Feel yourself being held.

The water is a cleansing water, washing away anything that’s not serving you. Clearing your aura. Clearing your mind. Clearing your whole body. Clearing your cells. It is a bath of the soul held in the light of the divine.

See sparkles all over the surface of the water.

This is your body of water. Your ocean of stillness. Your lake of inner peace.


Take a few breaths and just let yourself receive from this abundant water.

Allow yourself to day-dream from this expanded, abundant state. Allow yourself to flow-dream.

Put yourself in a state of “what if”...

“What if today was a beautiful day?”

“What if I was totally free to float and play all day?”

“What if new opportunities started finding me in the most easy and effortless ways?”

“What if I make a new, soul friend today and it’s just such a beautiful connection?”

“What if my life became full of the fragrance of flowers?”

"What if my business took off in easy joyful ways?"

Give yourself a couple of minutes to dance in the “what if” space, filling in the details for yourself.

Let each “what if become” more expansive and big. There are no limitations here.There are infinite possibilities here.

Spend time floating and enjoying.

Feel yourself merge into oneness with the water as if you yourself are an entire body of water.

And feel the quietness. Feel the sweetness and gentleness. Feel the relaxation. 

Continue receiving and floating.

You are limitless.

You are free.

You are expanded.

You are magnificent.

You are one with all that is.

Feel all of this joyful freedom in your heart and really breathe it in.

Then, when you are ready, gently come back to the space and stay in this feeling of limitless, effortless expansion--your innate ability to go with the flow.

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