Step Into Your Spiritual Spotlight: Unleashing Your Authenticity and Leadership with Christina Doepper

podcast Oct 30, 2023

In this episode, spiritual business coach Christina Doepper joins me to discuss her journey and the work she does to help leaders and entrepreneurs integrate spirituality into their work. Christina emphasizes the importance of being independent and breaking down the barriers between different healing modalities. She shares her own experiences and the lessons she has learned along the way, including the power of storytelling and the importance of letting go of the connection between time and success. Christina also highlights the need for leaders to prioritize their own well-being and authenticity, and offers practical advice for those looking to start or grow their spiritual businesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every day is a new beginning, and it’s never too late to start something or finish something.
  • Healing and trauma can be solved in most cases, and people have the power to heal themselves.
  • Leaders should focus on making people independent and helping them reconnect with their power and joy.
  • Combining spirituality and business requires pragmatism and grounding in everyday life.
  • Authenticity is key in attracting the right clients and creating a fear-free company culture.

 About The Guest:

Christina Doepper is a spiritual business coach and alternative healing practitioner based in Germany. With a background in communication and organizational development, Christina combines her expertise to help leaders and entrepreneurs integrate spirituality into their work. She is passionate about empowering individuals to become independent and find their true identity. To find out more about Christina and her work, please visit her website at

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Dive Deeper Into This Podcast...

Step Into Your Spiritual Spotlight: Unleashing Your Authenticity and Leadership

In this podcast, we explore the journey of individuals who have made the decision to share their gifts with the world and embrace their spiritual path. Today, we are joined by Christina Doepper, a spiritual entrepreneur and leader who has embarked on a mission to empower others and break down the barriers between spirituality and business.

Christina and I go way back, and I had the pleasure of witnessing her transformation as she navigated the challenges of starting a spiritual business. One of the key lessons she learned was to let go of the stories she was telling herself about age and time. As a 54-year-old, she initially questioned whether she was too old to start something new. However, I reminded her that every day is a new beginning and that age should never be a barrier to pursuing our passions.

Christina’s spiritual business is a culmination of her accumulated learnings, teachings, and experiences. Her primary goal is to make people independent by empowering them to heal themselves and tap into their own inner resources. She believes that while coaches, trainers, healers, and therapists can provide guidance and support, true healing comes from within. Christina aims to break down the barriers between different modalities of healing and coaching, recognizing that trauma and healing are not limited to one specific approach.

One of the breakthroughs Christina has witnessed in her work is the transformation of leaders and managers who embrace spirituality. By combining spirituality with leadership, these individuals experience a deeper sense of fulfillment and connection. They become more resilient, better communicators, and are able to create a positive and fear-free work environment. Christina emphasizes the importance of authenticity in leadership, encouraging leaders to serve their teams and create a space where everyone feels valued and heard.

To support individuals on their spiritual journey and help them become better leaders, Christina offers a range of services. She has developed a signature program called “Adulthood,” which combines leadership development with personal growth. Through this program, individuals learn to reconnect with their power, embrace their identity, and communicate effectively. Christina also provides one-on-one coaching, group trainings, and self-study courses to cater to different needs and preferences.

In her work, Christina emphasizes the importance of integrating spirituality into everyday life. She believes that spirituality should not be confined to meditation or esoteric practices but should be a guiding force in our interactions and decision-making. By bringing spirituality down to earth, individuals can experience a deeper sense of peace, joy, and authenticity.

One of the key aspects of Christina’s approach is helping individuals uncover their authentic selves. She believes that many people have been conditioned to believe that love and acceptance are tied to performance and achievement. However, she emphasizes that our value is inherent and that we don’t need to prove ourselves to be worthy of love. By releasing the need for external validation, individuals can tap into their true power and make choices that align with their authentic selves.

As spiritual entrepreneurs, it is essential to find a balance between the spiritual and practical aspects of running a business. Christina advises individuals to prioritize and focus on what is necessary rather than getting caught up in comparison or over-ambition. By staying true to their values and communicating their truth, spiritual entrepreneurs can attract the right clients and create a business that aligns with their purpose.

In conclusion, stepping into your spiritual spotlight requires embracing your authenticity and integrating spirituality into all aspects of your life. Christina Doepper’s journey and teachings serve as a powerful reminder that age is not a barrier, and every day is an opportunity for growth and transformation. By empowering individuals to heal themselves, break down barriers, and embrace their leadership potential, Christina is making a profound impact on the spiritual and business world. As we continue on our own spiritual journeys, let us remember to stay grounded, authentic, and open to the possibilities that each new day brings.

To find out more about Christina and her work, please visit her website at




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