Uncategorized May 24, 2020

I was running late to catch a train from Los Angeles to San Diego to celebrate the birthday of one my very favorite friends. For me, being late like this usually sets off a chain reaction of stress and anxiety.

As I got into my Uber, frazzled and frantic… I remember thinking to myself, “I’m going miss the surprise.”

Little did I know I was about to get a surprise of my own.

Her name was Oola. She had a youthful energy in her eyes, just a hint of an Australian accent, and a presence of peace and lightness that I could sense immediately when I got into the car.

We exchanged pleasantries and the normal small talk, but as we made our way to Union Station, I knew the dreaded question was coming next. I opened my mouth to respond, but this time something different happened. Because the car felt so safe and her eyes in the rear-view mirror seemed so kind, I spilled it big time.

I shared stories about my successes, my fears and doubts about starting my own website (this website) and everything in between. I forgot about the fact that I had less than 25 minutes to get to my train. I forgot about my own self-conscious self-imposed limiting beliefs. And it all began to flow.

I told her about how I had the most humiliating and gut-wrenching experiences last year when a previous business partnership (and a longtime friendship) fell apart. I told her about the ease in which I could write, create and market products and courses for other people, but could never find the inspiration to do the same for myself. I shared some of my biggest fears around success changing me. It all just came out.

And instead of a blank look or a million questions… she understood.

What happened next was completely unexpected, synchronistic and a beautiful reminder that the Universe, God, a higher power – whatever you believe – will always have your back… and guide you toward the experiences and opportunities that you are destined to have.

She told me three things that re-ignited something within me:

“You keep telling yourself that you can do this, but you’re not really hearing it.”
I told her a story about a client who had to step away from his business to recuperate from an accident. I took over to run the business and during his time away, and we had more six figure months than ever before closing the year at just over a million dollars. She stopped me and said. “Record yourself saying that. You keep telling yourself that you can do this, but you’re not really hearing it.”

“Pay attention to the signs and lessons that are all around you.”
Another story I shared was about a client that couldn’t find a way past her own ego. Every time we tried a new strategy or set up a product launch, she would melt down, wracked with doubt and fear, and reducing the progress to a grinding halt. I knew that ego had to be removed from the equation if her business was going to survive… and that it would have to be removed from my equation if my business was going to thrive.

“It’s a journey, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it.”
When I finally collected myself enough to reciprocate the question, her answer was not what I expected. “I’m here, just for now.” She went on to tell me about the 25 years she gave to a company that one day decided to let her go. And how it turned into the beginning of an adventure that she never could have imagined. The freedom to work when she wanted to. To make her own decisions. To enjoy the journey. She meets people from all around the world and all walks of life. And if she’d never been fired, she would never have found the happiness and freedom she has now.

We made it to the train station and I looked at the clock on the car dash. Ten minutes to spare and a conversation that was going to change the direction of my business, my purpose and my life.

Was she an angel, a spirit guide, or a chance encounter? There’s no way to prove it, but I know she was. But what I do know is that I’m writing this blog on a train down to San Diego and I’m going to make it on time for the surprise party… but I think I just got a bigger gift than I was expecting.

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Hope to see you soon!

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