Uncategorized May 24, 2020

A question I get asked a lot in my line of work is, “How do I know if I’m a Spiritual Entrepreneur?”

Truthfully there are a lot of different ways to tell if you have the potential to run a successful spiritual business, but over the years I’ve compiled three that stand out for me… mostly because they are how I found out that I was one too.

Keep reading and see if any of these sound familiar or hit a nerve!

You’re unemployable.

How many jobs have you had where you found yourself uninspired, unmotivated and looking for the eject button to get out of there as fast as possible? Have you ever been fired or laid off… and you were thrilled? Or maybe you’ve just never found a traditional job that felt right for you. All of these could be signs that you are meant for a different path.

You see and feel things differently than other people.

Are you highly sensitive or intuitive? Do you sense or feel things that others can’t or don’t understand? Do you see signs and synchronicity all around you? Maybe you have a special skill that you can’t explain? As a Spiritual Entrepreneur, all of your gifts and abilities are valuable assets in more ways than you can imagine.

You want to change the world.

A lot of people say this in a big and unrealistic way. You’re different. You see things in your daily life that you can contribute to in a real and practical way. You see the people around you and intuitively know how to bring light and love to any situation. You help friends find clarity when making major life decisions or sometimes you’re a shoulder to cry on when words fail. You do what you say you’re going to and you consistently under-promise and over-deliver. You’re already changing the world one person at a time… but you’re ready for more.

If any (or all) of these apply to you… a career as a Spiritual Entrepreneur could be calling to you… just like it did for me.

See you soon!

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