Uncategorized May 24, 2020

I probably get asked this question a dozen times a week… and until recently, I’ve always struggled to find the words to describe exactly what I do.

Do I talk about my experience traveling the world with a personal development and life coaching guru… or will they think I was in a cult? Do I talk about working with the biggest publisher of new age and spiritual works… or is it too “woo-woo?” Should I share my own deeply spiritual experiences… or will that scare them off?

For years I’ve always answered with a sarcastic “Oh, this and that.” Or if I’m feeling particularly brave I’d say something cryptic like “marketing” or “publishing.”

It seemed safer to stick with one-word answers. Hopefully they’d just accept it and change the subject back to something that didn’t involve cosmic beings or ancient cleansing rituals.

This isn’t to say I wasn’t proud of the work I was doing.

I will always be grateful that over the last decade, I have been a part of an incredible global awakening that has taken me to places I would never have imagined, allowed me to meet and work with people that have changed the direction of my entire life…

and has ultimately guided me to build a thriving business doing what I love.

But no matter how much success I found in the spiritual industry or how many times I tried to describe what I do, I could never get the words to come out of my mouth… and how could I?

I was stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of limiting beliefs about the work I was doing, and I knew that until I broke through it, there was never going to be a way to say it out loud.

It took me years of soul-searching and spiritual self-work to reach a place of certainty around my mission and life purpose to be able to proudly say these words:

“My name is Muni, and I’m a Spiritual Entrepreneur.”

My mission and my purpose is to help you be able to say the same, without the years of fear and doubt getting in your way. I want to help you find the inspiration, the drive and the success you deserve, faster than you ever thought possible… and in a way that works for you.

Hope to meet you soon and hear all about what YOU do.


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