Uncategorized May 24, 2020

Starting a spiritual business is kind of like jumping out of an airplane (source: I recently did this).

Talking about it is exciting, imagining how awesome it’s going to be is fun and paying extra for the GoPro video is going to be the most liked video you’ve ever posted to your Facebook Page.

But when you’re strapped in to your jumpsuit and walking to the plane…. things get real… real quick. All the excitement turns to panic. The fun turns into work and you’re pretty sure the video you just overpaid for is going to be the last time anyone will ever see you alive.

But despite all this, you still get on the plane. It takes off, and you find out that it’s not as smooth a ride as you thought it would be. With every passing second, the stakes are getting higher and higher as you get closer and closer to moment of truth.

You know you’re not 100% ready and you’re thinking to yourself “What am I even doing up here? I don’t belong here!” But the instructor that’s strapped to your back politely reminds you that if you don’t jump now you’ll have to go back down in the plane… it’s way less safe and you still have to pay for it… because there are no do-overs.

Your brain turns to mush, you lose the ability to speak, your heart is about to explode… and despite all this, a voice within tells you that you just can’t let yourself be the person who was too afraid to jump.

So you do it….and it turns out to be the best thing ever.

This is pretty much every day on the job as a Spiritual Entrepreneur. And sometimes between all the to do lists and pushing beyond your comfort zone, you can feel the urge to give up and go home.

But then you remember that the world needs you, and the powerful message of transformation that only YOU can share.

Think about it. Wayne Dyer didn’t become the Wayne Dyer just because he wanted to… he became the legend he was (and always will be) because the world needed a teacher, a leader, and a friend to tell us that it was going to be ok. And that we should love ourselves and each other… and that our wishes really can be fulfilled.

Many people never get know what it’s like to take the dive… for a million reasons… but don’t let your reason be because you never even got on the plane in the first place. Plenty of people look at skydiving (or launching a spiritually-based business) and wish they could bring themselves to do it… but say to themselves, “Nah, it’s not for me.”

So my question is, where else in your life are you saying that? What other hopes or dreams are you pushing away? What doors are you closing? What signs are you ignoring? All because you’re not certain of the outcome.

I hope you know that there are so many amazing people out in the world that love the same things you love and believe the same things you believe. Be brave, make yourself known, share the things you love, and become a part of something incredible.

Besides, there are no do-overs if you chicken out and have to ride the plane back down.

Just sayin’.


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