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Muni (00:01):

I truly believe that we are spiritual beings. Having a human experience here on this earth, what you learn here could change the direction of your entire life. This could be the beginning of a whole new career for you. My name is Muni and I'm a spiritual entrepreneur. Now more than ever, the world needs spiritual leaders, teachers and guides. Are you ready to become one of them? If you're ready, I'm ready.

Muni (00:36):

It's Muni. And welcome back to another episode of the spiritual business school podcast. This episode, I want to talk about mindset. I want to talk about the things that you think about when you think about your ability or your skills or your gift or your motivation or anything that's related to how you relate to spiritual businesses. And so much of what stops us. There's so much about what gets us stuck or trips us up is based in this concept of, I believe this to be true. I believe that I am talented. I believe that I am technologically plugged in. I believe that I am successful. I believe this. I believe that. And it's, to me as I've evolved in my spiritual growth and how I relate to my spiritual business, the concept of beliefs has become a little iffy. Um, my favorite teacher, one of my favorite teachers, Deepak Chopra talks about how you have to move beyond belief because any belief is made up.

Muni (01:37):

So whether it's a true belief or a good belief or a bad belief or a limiting belief or an empowering belief, it all exists in the category of it's a belief. I have taken the experience of my, of my life and I have turned it into this story. And this story is what I'm basing my beliefs of what is true and what is real and what is acceptable and what is allowed and all of these things. Uh, and it's all different for everybody. So one person could believe something and another person could believe the same thing and it could be totally different and coming from completely different places. So the one thing that you can do to start to step out of that is to move beyond this belief. And it's a lot easier said than done. I know, but it's a practice, right? It's something that you add to your meditative practice, you add to your, your daily waking practices so that you can start to catch yourself in these moments of, is this a belief or is this something more?

Muni (02:35):

And that's something more that they talk about is this sense of knowing and allowing that when you know something and you allow it that it's not so much that you are believing it almost like forcing it to come true and, and, you know, willing it into existence, but you're allowing it to just be so that there's no struggle in it. It's not, it's not about you, uh, struggling to believe or trying to unlock or tap into something that isn't naturally there. It's knowing and allowing that you are a work in progress it's knowing and allowing that you are exploring and trying to figure things out. It's knowing and allowing that you are incredible. You're this beautiful, spiritual being. That's having a human existence here on earth and part of your journey and the healing that you're going through is learning how to share this with other people, learning how to talk about it, learning how to be confident, learning how to share your gift and get paid for doing what you love, learning, how to experience abundance when it comes to taking this thing that you have, that you've received out of, you know, the gift of the universe and being able to say, okay, I'm going to now use this to create change in my life, create change in other people's lives, create change in the world when you believe it, there's a struggle.

Muni (03:51):

And so you've got to constantly be in this kind of flexing, a muscle of belief, and it can be exhausting sometimes. And I know this because I've been there, uh, and it wasn't until I got to a space where I could just allow and know that this is what I was meant to be doing and that I could know and allow that, that I'll figure out the technology, I'll figure out the marketing part. I'll figure out how to manage everything and have a life in the middle of all of it. I'll figure out life balance. I know and allow that the experiences of what's happening are all for a reason. And that reason is for me to learn how to express myself. That's what this podcast is really about is me sitting down and clearing all the gunk away that sometimes are those limiting beliefs, or sometimes are those ideas of say, for example, I sit down and record this.

Muni (04:40):

And in my mind, I'm thinking you better be interesting. You better be funny. You better be cool. And all of those things become part of this belief of, well. I believe that I better be interesting. I believe that I better be cool. I believe that I better have something to say, instead of just knowing and allowing that it's true. So I can come on here and talk to you about anything and everything. And related back to spiritual businesses is because what I am passionate about. So what I'm bringing to you is this challenge right now, I want you to start catching yourself in your daily, daily life. When are you stuck in a pattern of thinking that's either limiting or empowering or something where you feel like you're really straining or really struggling, or really flexing that belief muscle and start to play with the idea of what if I just let this go?

Muni (05:29):

And I know, and I allow, and I trust that's the key right here. I trust myself to figure it out and by trusting yourself to figuring it out. The key part of that is also stepping out of actively stepping out of this pattern of beliefs that is allowing you to just be stuck or get away with it. If we're being really honest with ourselves, beliefs can be very comforting. This whole concept of the comfort zone is a, so you are saying to yourself, all right, well, I'm not going to do anything risky. I'm not going to do anything scary. I'm not going to do anything that could get me a big result because I want to stay in my comfort zone. Or even the fact that you're struggling against your comfort zone puts you in a state of, well, I'm struggling against something, or I'm pushing out of my comfort zone, or I'm having to do something that kind of feels like effort.

Muni (06:20):

Whereas knowing and allowing is effortless. I know and allow that I can overcome this. I know and allow that I'll figure this out. I know in allow that I'll be able to, you know, find clarity in this moment. So give it a try the next time. You're in a moment where some of those beliefs start coming up or any sort of belief starts to get in your way, or sometimes it's unconscious. And it could be, you know, something that you're unaware of. That's a belief, but start questioning everything in those moments and keep a journal if you want to. And that's a great way to kind of write these things down when you're doing your morning meditation. If you do a morning meditation, which I think you should, um, start to think about what's coming up for you in those meditations, that's a belief. And if you start to consciously think about, or carry this in to the meditation with you of, I know and allow that I will begin to let go of this concept of beliefs.

Muni (07:12):

And I know and allow that I will trust myself to create an experience, the things I need to create an experience for me to be able to move forward in my journey, then start to see what comes up and keep track of that in the journal. Keep track of that by sharing it online, come over to the community at themuniverse.com and sign up for not only the Spiritual Business Startup Kit, but get into the community on Facebook, the private group, and start to share your experiences with us in there and see what a difference it makes for you. So this is what my, my challenge is for you. And it's not really even a challenge. It's just, just kind of, it's a relaxation. I want you to relax into this idea that if you can know, and if you can allow, and if you can trust that things will start to happen.

Muni (07:55):

Exactly the things you need exactly when you need them so that you can start to explore or change the energy around or change the focus or change the direction of where you've been feeling stuck or where you've been feeling lost or disconnected, and start to really get it aligned with as Neale Donald Walsch calls it the purpose of your soul. So are you doing things that are aligned with the purpose of your soul, or are you doing things just because you think you're supposed to? So think about that. That's your, your mindset challenge for this week? And I look forward to hearing from you about how it goes. I'll talk to you very soon. See you in another episode very, very soon. Take care, everybody.


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