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Muni (00:00):

Hey, everyone, it's Muni. And I want to welcome you to a new version of how we're doing the podcast. So once a month, or a couple of times a month, we're going to do, what's called a web review, and this is something that's available to anybody. That's part of my online community. Uh, if you sign up for my newsletter, if you're part of the online Facebook group, if you're part of any of my introductory courses, you are eligible to request a web review. And what that is is I'll get on a zoom call with you. We'll chat a little bit about your experience in the spiritual industry and how you got to where you are. And then we'll take a look page by page at what's on your website, how you've got it set up, what kind of offerings you have available. And it's really as a way for me to connect with you and you to start thinking and talking in new ways about your business or seeing things from a different angle, but it's also really beneficial for everybody else that's out there so that they can get a sneak peek into like the inner workings and the inner thoughts of what makes a business work and what makes it come together.

Muni (00:53):

So I want to invite you to the very first version of us doing this web review. And all you're going to get in the podcast is a sneak peek of the entrepreneur that we're talking to. If you want to see the actual video that's going to be available in the student community. So you've got to just join my newsletter list, sign up on my website at themuniverse.com. And you'll be able to see these full videos in their entirety and start to understand what really it takes to make your business start to resonate with people and attract people and bring them to you as clients, customers, and, and potentially business partners. So take a listen to this one. This is a great interview. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to hear from someone out there. That's actually doing it. Making moves, making waves, moving, and shaking and all that. So, uh, enjoyed this and I hopefully will be doing a web review for you very soon.

Muni (01:42):

I truly believe that we are spiritual beings. Having a human experience here on this earth. What you learn here could change the direction of your entire life. This could be the beginning of a whole new career for you. My name is Muni and I'm a spiritual entrepreneur. Now more than ever, the world needs spiritual leaders, teachers and guides. Are you ready to become one of them? If you're ready? I'm ready.

Muni (02:16):

So here we are today with John Mothershead, is that it? Am I saying that correctly?

John (02:19):

Pronounced it correctly. Yeah.

Muni (02:22):

All right. I get 10 points for that. So John's here. We are doing a program in the student community for spiritual entrepreneurs, where you can submit your website for review. I'll take a review of it. We'll talk about spiritual business. We'll talk about all things spirituality, as it relates to launching building, growing your business and figuring out where you want to go and how you want to do it. So welcome to this first ever first ever web review that we've ever done

John (02:49):

Thank you for having me. I'm happy to be the Guinea pig.

Muni (02:52):

This will be the one that we've measured all other episodes against now. So one of the things I'm going to start, all of these out with is just asking you, how did this all come to be? How did you wake up one day and say, you know what? I think I'm going to try to become a spiritual entrepreneur. Like, what was that experience like? Tell us about you.

John (03:11):

It was an interesting and gradual journey. I would say I've always been like very open-minded about spiritual stuff. And I've had friends who've introduced me to Reiki and tarot cards and witchy things. It started as kind of a joke, maybe like seven or eight years ago, I bought a tarot deck. It was actually the taro for dummies book. And I would kind of like play around with it. And I was a motivational speaker for children at the time and, um, was traveling alone a lot. So I just meet random people in bars and, and do their tarot card readings. And it was a way to like, kind of like start conversations with strangers. I didn't really like how like scared people got with tarot card readings though. So that like really made me sad. I used to go to the, I can do it conferences and Doreen was presenting and she was talking about her, her angel deck.

John (04:10):

And I was like, oh, I just have to buy this. So I like ran to the lobby and I bought the, um, angel deck that she made with with Radleigh. And then I was like, oh, these are amazing. And I would give people readings and they would, um, not be as scared. It was just like more conversational and casual. And I really loved that. So I got certified with Doreen and then I took Radleigh's course, and I've just been kind of addicted ever since, and just taking the classes and then plugging away on a website, trying to gain clients. And I have a handful of clients that book every month or sometimes every other week. And it's fun. It's really

Muni (04:58):

Well. Let's pop the hood here and take a look at your website. Um, so how I'm going to do this is let me see, I'm going to share my screen and I might turn us off to everybody who's listening. You will be able to see this video. If you join the community, if you join the community, come on in this video is going to be there posted as a resource, uh, for everybody to take a look at it, just watch it as we're walking through and taking this little trip down website lane and just see what we can see and what might make a big difference in your overall business. All right. So this is your website. So tell me, how did you get John mothers had.com? Was it tricky? Was it easy? How did that all go down?

John (05:37):

I've owned this website for a long time, because I used to be an actor. So in that sense, I just converted my website from acting too to my spiritual business, but I use Wix and I feel like everything's pretty, pretty user friendly.

Muni (05:53):

And are you a tech person? Are you a techie person at all? Or did you figure this out as you went?

John (05:56):

I kind of have the mindset that if I don't know how to do something, I can YouTube it or Google it. And I just, through trial and error kind of figure stuff out on my mind,

Muni (06:07):

Amazing all the resources, any of us need to get any of this stuff done is all available on YouTube. It's one of the best resources around. All right. So we're looking at the homepage. Um, tell me about what's going on up here.

John (06:18):

Okay. So I really love the idea of passive income to support myself. And I have three areas of revenue and one is like merchandise. One is the services like the readings and, uh, the candles that I sell the other, um, revenue stream is an Amazon affiliate. So I'll recommend books to clients. And then, um, get a percentage of that. So at the top, I, my merch sales were, were dropping. So I was like, maybe I'll put a banner. Did your merch sales pickup after that? Um, no.

Muni (06:56):

So that's the first thing I was going to recommend is at the top of your website, we don't want to pull people away from what you're doing, the main thing that you're doing. And so one of the things I would recommend is kind of getting yourself back up to the top spot. You want to look at it in mobile. That's the easiest way. Sometimes if you're just looking at it on your phone, you can see the difference. Um, one of the things that I say all the time and the number's probably going up as we speak is that the majority of your traffic and this is like more than half of your traffic is going to be mobile. Uh, so when you're designing your website, designing your homepage, designing any of the landing pages or any of the forms or anything you're doing, I would focus strongly on what does it look like when I look at it on mobile? So I'm just gonna, you know, separately, pull out my cell phone here and take a quick look just so I can see it. So one of the things that works really well when you've got a lot of different certifications is to put them into like, what's going to be like a logo bar across the bottom. That's like a way for people to see kind of visually all the stuff that you've done and everywhere that you've appeared. So have you been interviewed by anyone, have you been featured in any sort of online listing or is there anything that you're affiliated with that would have like an, uh, a logo that people know?

John (08:10):

I would say I have not had any press or any made any appearances or anything, but probably I could just put my certificates from the, the training courses.

Muni (08:23):

Yep. So if you have all these logos, what's cool is you can just kind of place them, you know, like six across or five across or however many you have, and it helps create this kind of a professional, like looking all these things that I have, look at all the, the accreditation that I have looked at all the research and work that I've done to be able to bring you these incredible resources. And it's like one of those immediate, like, oh, he's a professional. He's got all these, these different certifications under his belt. So that's a great way to kind of visually, without having to tell everybody here's what I've got. It's a great way to kind of add that in. And then the other thing I was going to say is if this is removed, then all of a sudden you've got a lot of room here to connect with people.

Muni (09:02):

One of the things that I've found over the years of doing this is that people are really interested in connecting with you, your personality and your approach to spirituality. Um, and this is a great space and opportunity for you to say like, Hey, you know, I'm John, this is what I'm about. This is what I love. This is the kind of work that I do for people in the first person, so that you have that kind of instant connection of like, Hey, this is, this is what you're getting. And here's what I, what I want to share with you. Um, and I would, I would recommend kind of, maybe even just looking at a way of putting something a lot more personal about like, almost like a mission statement here, uh, and then all this accreditation then goes underneath as your credibility bar. And then all of a sudden, you don't have to do all of this lifting in the middle because people will get it from here.

Muni (09:51):

And then, you know, when you have this, had the pleasure of connecting with thousands of clients throughout U S Canada, you can say I'm so honored and humbled to have been able to work with people from all around the world, including us, Canada, England, and Australia, you know, so you can make it, you can still, it's like a humble brag, right? In marketing, you have to humble brag, like really, really well. Um, so that it doesn't seem like it's, you know, too self-promotional, but you still have to promote yourself. So finding that right. Balance of being honored or being humbled or being, you know, so thrilled or any of the words that you want to use that are true statements to have been able to work with. Thousands of people from all around the world is a great way of framing. Hey, I know what I'm doing. And I have a really good clientele and you know, like, I know what I'm talking about in that way, if that makes sense. And then absolutely. You know, the, the one thing that I would recommend to, how are you building your email list? What's your strategy there?

John (10:47):

I think that I want to make a like signs assigns, like PDF or a video where I can just say like, looking at the everyday, looking for that everyday signs, like feathers pennies, what they mean. Yes.

Muni (11:04):

So it's like, you're decoding angel signs and it's like, here are the 10 ways, 10 most popular ways that angels will get in touch with you and what it means. Right. What you should do next. Right. That's what people are looking for. So it's like, okay, these are the 10 things, pennies, feathers, what else do we have?

John (11:21):

Oh man. Um,

Muni (11:24):

So in any of the extras, any of the senses, right? Yeah. Smells, um, all of that to make your own kind of list of that. And you say, okay, here's seven or it doesn't have to be 10. It could be here's three, here's, five here's seven, but something that's, that feels robust and kind of addresses a lot of the ones that you most commonly see because you're working with a lot of people. Here's what it means. Right. And so when you see pennies, this is what it means. And then I think the part that's unique to you also is, okay, well, what do you do to encourage that? Like if I keep seeing pennies and I know that the pennies are guiding me toward something, what's that next step that I'm supposed to take. And so you don't have to go like super in depth, or you can say, you know, something to the effect of open yourself, up to receiving even more messages, use this affirmation, you know, here's this thing it's all quick and simple, right. Um, and to give them this idea of, I can do this, you can do this. Everybody can do this. I'm giving you the cheat sheet.

John (12:24):

And I liked the idea of it being like an urban concept. So like things that we, even if it's like something silly like gum, or I don't know, I have to think about this, but I feel like it it's promising. Yeah.

Muni (12:40):

We have a pigeon craps on your shoulder. It means your angels are blessing you with good luck, but something that's unique to you. And that's exactly right. It's so easy to make it like just the standard. You know, this means this, and that means that, but I know the way you teach it is different and the way you relate to it is different. And so think about making sure that all of your special, you know, what makes you special ends up in this thing, but it's like an easy principle, two page PDF. I'm super excited. Any other questions you have for me or anything that you're curious to know about?

John (13:15):

No, this was wonderful. I appreciate you taking the time and it's all been spot on. It's

Muni (13:22):

Awesome. Awesome. So we're all going to be watching, so make sure he started putting these changes into effect. You've got a lot of homework to do, but like I said, you are a couple of tweaks away from, from transforming how you do this business. And I think, you know exactly what those tweaks are because you've seen them in action through Radleigh's courses and kind of get what we're saying on the website. Uh, and that shouldn't take you very long to change that and slow down whatever this pop-up thing is entirely. Uh, but, but otherwise keep going. Yeah, you're very, very welcome. All right, I'll see you in the group.

John (13:57):

Okay. Sounds great. Have a good night.

Muni (13:59):

You too. And for anybody else, that's interested in being a part of one of these videos or being in these recordings or getting involved, uh, come on over to the mooniverse.com, sign up for our newsletter and you'll get entrance into the group and you'll be able to become a part of this process. Thanks again, John bye-bye. Bye. Thanks everybody.

Muni (14:16):

Isn't  he just a treat? So this is a moment for us to take a little, a little breather and say number one, you know, none of us are alone. There's a lot of people out there that are trying to pick up the threads of this spiritual entrepreneur career or this spiritual business, or this practitioner ship, and try to find the way to do it in a way that's aligned with who we are and what we believe. Uh, and we're going to be sharing more of these stories and more solutions for you to start thinking about as you build your website or launch your business or launch your career. So the only way to be able to see the entire version of this web review, and we dove really deep into every page of his website is to sign up for my newsletter. When you sign up for my newsletter and you sign up for that, you're going to get my free Spiritual Business Startup Kit. And that Startup Kit also includes membership into my private Facebook group. That's how you get access to be able to request a web review. That's how you get to start connecting with all these other entrepreneurs. And that's how you get to find out about all the stuff that's happening at the Muniverse. So come on over to themuniverse.com, check it out, sign up for everything. All the free resources are there. There's so much for us to explore together and I cannot wait for us to get started. All right. I'll see you very, very soon.



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