podcast Aug 17, 2020

In this episode, Muni will help you get into a new zone of magic and watery flow by considering flow states. You’ll feel fresh encouragement to go with the flow, so that you can feel light and flowy and free. It’s time to allow yourself to receive the floaty feminine magic of water, like going for a nice swim to reset your energy and celebrate yourself. Remember what it’s like to be in that state of surrendering, enjoying, knowing, allowing and going with the flow. 

The True Floaty Magic of the Spiritual Path

Muni shares a story about a time that he just went with it, a story of diving in. When Muni was working with Tony Robbins, he went on a trip to Fiji. But even though it was Fiji, it wasn’t a vacation...the team had business development meetings that lasted 12-14 hours a day. So for a break, Muni went for a river jump. Except that Muni had a lingering fear (terror in fact) of being in the water at night that he had to face. The terror came up and so did the inner battle of... “do I really want to tell Tony Robbins I’m too scared to do this?” Before he knew it, he was standing on the edge of a bridge. 

Sometimes You Have to Surrender to the Flow

The lesson in the river jump story is a lesson of surrender. One version of you might say, “I’m not going to do it.” And the other version knows that you have to be the person who takes the leap. This is the choice between surrendering to fear or surrendering to the possibilities that lie in the unknown. Guess What? All the signs are pointing to the fact that you have to jump! It’s your responsibility to leap into your opportunities, leap into the direction of your dreams. 

Why Playing and Going with the Flow Will Help Your Business

What happens when you take those risks? What happens when you go with the flow? What happens when you surrender? It’s actually funny and amazing what happens when you start to surrender, trust more, and let fun be your guide. And it’s surprisingly simple: the more you play and have fun, the more you magnetize more playful and fun experiences. So part of your work as a spiritual entrepreneur is to go with the flow, go with the flow state, go with the inspiration, get really inspired and creative, and just experience the beauty of this planet. 

Going with the Flow Will Also Allow you to RECEIVE

Join Muni for a beautiful meditation to get into the flow, receive, be and connect to your inner body of water!

If you’re excited about this flowy magic, come on over to www.TheMuniverse.com and sign up for the 21-Day Spiritual Business Challenge. You’ll start to discover your inner flow in terms of how you can be showing up in the world, how you can be sharing your gifts, and you’ll receive the systems, technology, coaching, and guidance, and everything you need to make that happen, faster and easier than you ever thought possible. 


  • [0:00:09] Muni introduces the concept of going with the flow. 
  • [0:01:42] Muni shares a story of a leap of faith that helped him discover the beauty of going with the flow. 
  • [0:05:32] The flow state drops you into the present moment, because it’s all about surrender.
  • [0:09:27] The moment when you just jump and all your fears melt away. 
  • [0:10:41] How going with the flow will help your business, aligning you with the Universe.
  • [0:13:52] The moment of pure presence can be your inner compass to mindfulness and oneness. 
  • [0:15:45] Muni shares a powerful, floaty, watery meditation to connect to your flow. 
  • [0:18:00] Surrender to the flow state, daydreaming in the place of “What if?” and connecting to your inner body of water. 


“I was in the middle of a beautiful body of water on an island in the middle of nowhere. You can see every single star in the sky, you’re laying back and you’re looking at the vastness of the universe, and you’re realizing how all your fears and all the things you’re worrying about and all things you believe about your worth and how you can contribute all feel so small and insignificant... because the reality is we are all part of this beautiful universe. We are as vast as this incredible display... as big and beautiful and bold the universe is. This feeling of floaty magic is exactly how I want my life, and my business, and everything about what I do to be. And when I can stay in that sense of flow...things start to align.”

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