Uncategorized May 24, 2020

From when I was a kid until about a decade ago, I was a championship-level procrastinator.

Every book report was written at the last possible moment, every piano piece was feverishly rehearsed the night before my next lesson, and my favorite unconscious thing to say was, “Oh, I’ll just do it tomorrow.” 

I’m sure on some level you can relate. We’ve all got that pile of things to put away or the list of chores to get done that seems to be growing by the minute. On one hand it’s a part of life, but on another it’s a level of stress and energetic entanglement that can keep you stuck in a never-ending cycle of procrastination. “I can’t start because I have too much to do… and I can’t do anything because I don’t know where to start.” 

The experience that broke me out of my negative pattern was the loss of my grandmother.

She had been a constant source of unconditional love and encouragement throughout my life, but even with her, I had started falling into the pattern of “tomorrows.”

It’s one of my biggest regrets… but it also gave me one of the most powerful life lessons.

Being with her as she transitioned to her next great adventure was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I held her hand tightly as she took her last breaths… and as I felt the energy leaving her body, it hit me profoundly for the first time that I didn’t have an infinite number of tomorrows.

None of us do.

So I began a journey of detaching myself from a world of “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and I started focusing on the present moment that was right in front of me.

I was just finishing my undergraduate degree at New York University (I was already a year behind) and I knew exactly what I had to do. I threw myself into my coursework, finishing research and papers earlier than ever before with incredible results. I excelled at my legal intern job (even though it wasn’t my destiny), and I tried my best to explore every opportunity that came my way.

If you’re familiar with my story, you already know why I lost my job just before graduation and how I had nowhere to go… until I remembered an invitation to move to San Diego from a distant relative I had only met once before.

The old me would never have taken that chance. He would have dragged his feet, couch-surfed, and eventually moved back home with no plan or prospects… and would have had a whole life full of miserable tomorrows.

But the new me took a leap of spirit and travelled across the country… to find my next great adventure.

Through a series of beautifully guided synchronistic events, I put in a decade of working in the personal development and spiritual industries, and ended up here on this website, writing this blog, and hoping that this will inspire you to take action toward your spiritual business goals.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is this:

If I can find my way out of a tangled and sticky life full of championship-level procrastination, I know for certain that with a little help and guidance, you can too.


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