spiritual entrepreneur Aug 17, 2020

HEY YOU!  Yes I’m talking to you. Have you been hiding?

No more of that.

It seems like it’s been ingrained in many of us…




You may even be afraid that your own shining is going to hurt someone else’s feelings. 

Who this is really hurting, unfortunately, is you. 

Using oodles of self deprecation might have been a useful self-defense mechanism not to upset anyone or rock the boat in the past, but it’s not cute anymore! Instead, it might actually be signifying a way you are holding yourself and your spiritual business back. Especially, because, I bet you are really talented, and underneath everything, YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE AMAZING.

I Want to Remind You that YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT and It’s Time to Stop Hiding It.

You have to be okay with people having whatever reaction they’re going to have to you because you can’t control anyone’s reaction to your magnificence. There comes a moment when you just have to be okay with putting yourself out there. It’s time to get over your shyness, to start stepping up and start being vulnerable so that you can succeed in your spiritual business. 

And believe me, I get it. I’ve held myself back in the past. I’ve kept myself from launching. I’ve stayed silent on Instagram, I’ve judged myself on video (To name just two tiny ways). But you know what? I’m not going to do that any more. And I’m calling you out if you’re doing it too. We got to keep going so that we can keep growing!

Embody Your Higher Self

Okay, so I know that I can say “just stop being shy” and that shyness may not magically disappear all at once. BUT, you can keep the shyness from running the show. 

Earlier this month, world-renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams and I held an incredibly deep and transformative Launch, Build & Grow Your Psychic Business Course, and we talked a lot about stepping up whether or not you feel like you’re ready. You don’t have to feel ready for the next step, but, if you want to succeed, it’s important to say YES to what really feels like a yes to you and to get out of your comfort zone. 

At one point, Lisa said... 

“I have stepped out of the comfort zone so many times, but nobody notices because I have the fake game face on. My eyelashes are as fake as my confidence.”

Even someone with as much experience as Lisa Williams has to work on feeling confident putting herself out there. For all of us, it takes practice. 

A way to do this might be thinking of embodying the future you or stepping into the archetype of your higher self.

Your Star Power Might Not Look Like Anyone Else (and It Doesn’t Have To)!

You can start to feel more comfortable leaning into your star quality in your spiritual business by leaning into your both PERSONAL BRAND and YOUR SPIRITUAL BRAND.

I like to say that your personal brand is you. It’s who you are from how you talk to the colors you use to the kind of healing you do. Your personal brand is truly who you are. Your spiritual brand adds another level to that. It has to do with your mission, what you are here to do. So your personal spiritual brand takes who you truly are and aligns it with your mission and the mission of your spiritual business.

One of the reasons you may not feel comfortable shining is perhaps that your star quality might not naturally be the most diva-y quality imaginable. And that’s okay. The most important thing is to be who you truly are...

Your youness might not look like mine. It won’t and it can’t because there is no one truly like you out there (and this is true for all of us). There is nobody who’s more you than you. Your youness can’t be replicated. So if you being as magnificent, shiny, and sparkly as you are doesn’t look like a celebrity or like a different star of the spiritual industry, That’s okay! It’s great, in fact.

You don’t have to be uncomfortable with putting yourself out there if you think about your own personality as your star quality. You can play with amping that up a little bit, but you never have to pretend to be someone else in the public sphere. Being yourself is what’s magnetic and it’s what reaches people's hearts.

The Challenge to Shine More

Wherever you are in your spiritual business, whether you’re just starting out or you’re exploding, it’s important to review this aspect of your spiritual entrepreneurship of how you can shine more. 

With that, I want to share an exercise that will help you feel great about stepping into your radiance and awesomeness and simply not being shy about being magnificent. 

Take out a pen and paper and answer the following questions:

What are the qualities that make you special? 

What are your gifts in terms of how you relate to others?

What are the most wonderful, sparkly, adjectives that describe you and that you KNOW to be true?

What does your true self, your higher self, your future self look like?

Where are the places in your life you can let yourself shine more and exclaim to the world that you actually do value yourself?

Take some time to answer these questions and really JOURNAL about this last one. Really investigate where and how you are holding yourself back from shining and where and how you are desiring to shine.

The shine more challenge.

Whatever came up for you in your journaling, I want you to pick THREE WAYS you can shine more in your spiritual business and implement them this week. Or, if they’re massive, take the first step toward implementing each of these this week. 

 This might look like sharing more or social media or raising your rate, taking new photos, or admitting to yourself what you really want for your spiritual business. It might look like committing to taking more risks, being more vocal, putting yourself out there. It could even be something simple like standing up taller and looking people in the eye for the week. Challenge yourself to share and glow in new ways.

Each time you’re about to implement one of these new, shiny things...connect first to the energy of your highest self, or the energy of your future self. See yourself shining.


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