This is for those who’ve tried and failed. For those who tried and succeeded and then retreated. For those who feel blocked by past hurts. For those who haven’t been able to take the first step out the door... 

Maybe this is you. Maybe you started a spiritual business and all these doors started opening, you had clients, it was all kind of working. But then you had a mini crisis of faith.

“Is this really me?” you wondered. “Is this how I want to share? Is Instagram too materialistic? Am I getting full of myself? Am I really connecting to my tribe out here? Am I a monk or a marketer?” You got full of all of these questions and all of these doubts so you shut down and self sabotaged. You didn’t feel ready. 

Or maybe you put everything out there, tried really hard, and it didn’t work out.

Maybe a spiritual business partnership kindled quickly then burned out quickly, and it left you feeling like you just had an awful breakup. 

Whatever may have happened in the past, I want you to know that you are not alone. I want to acknowledge the grief, the disappointment, the brokenheartedness, and the fear of failure. And now I want to help you to let go of the disappointment, the hurt, and the fear that you are not going to succeed. 

The full moon is the perfect time to release the wounds of your past so that you can be free to shine again. It’s time to open your heart to its natural enthusiasm again. To believe in abundant opportunities again. 

It’s kind of amazing and mind-boggling how falling in love with your work, or finding a way to make money doing what you love, is similar to falling in love with another person. There are so many lessons along the path of finding love. And sometimes the biggest lesson is one of belief in yourself. This is the lesson that no matter how many times you’ve tried and failed, no matter how many times you’ve loved and lost, you can start again. You can open your heart again. It is ultimately the belief in yourself and the decision that you’re not going to give up on you that will draw success to you like a magnet. It’s that surrendering and the willingness to open again that allows you to go deeper and to grow deeper, showing up even more fully as your authentic self.

Another Truth that can help to lighten the burden: when a door closes or you experience a failure, it’s actually your higher self protecting you from a future that you don’t want. 


Two weeks ago, on the summer solstice and the new moon in cancer, we opened a powerful portal: a whole new universe for your spiritual business alongside a whole new Muniverse! I invited you to take a potent energetic journey of discovery with me through the Spiritual Business Startup Guide, a journey of launching your spiritual business (by the way there’s a podcast about it too!). In this full moon in Capricorn, we can enjoy a bit of a full circle moment and also do some powerful work together to continue moving your business forward. 

Capricorn is an earth sign that holds the energy of work and service. Capricorn is a mountain climber who will not give up, who says yes to the healthy side of practicality, and accepts the challenges of the earth plane as opportunities for spiritual growth. In its highest form, Capricorn energy teaches that we can be spiritual beings through action on this earth.

Because the full moon is a time of release and letting go, I’m excited to share a full moon ceremony to help you let go of anything that might be holding you back from taking the next steps up the mountain of your soul path of service as a spiritual entrepreneur. 

With all these thoughts in mind (or should I say in heart?), here is your full moon ceremony to let go of the past and open up your heart to new opportunities again. I suggest you read it through once before performing. You can even record the steps to yourself so you don’t have to reference the text while meditating. 


Prepare Your Space

Create a sacred space for this full moon experience. Sage your room, play nourishing music, set up an altar with crystals and beautiful flowers. Whatever makes you feel connected to the moon and to your higher self. 

Gather a piece of paper and a pen.

Some dreamy crystals to connect to the moon:

Selenite: Both a cleanser and an amplifier. Selenite has a beautiful serene, clear, and spiritual energy that connects you to your highest intention and to the higher realms. 

Moonstone: Such a moony stone! Moonstone is a tangible connection to the power of the moon, carrying the energy of the moon at the height of her power.

Amethyst: Always reminds me of the violet flame. Sweet and loving. Purple speaks to the crown chakra and to opening intuition. 

You can also charge your crystals in the light of the full moon! Crystals love moonlight.

Connect to the Moon as Mother

Begin this Full Moon experience by saying an affirmation, a prayer, opening to your guides, or by using your own technique to come into a state of centered connection. 

One possible opening statement is…

“Divine Feminine, Divine Moon, be with me now and always. Nourish and nurture me. Help me to let go of the things that are holding me back. Let me open up to enthusiastic opportunity mindset again, reclaiming my childlike joy. I am ready to move from my heart. I am ready to succeed. I am ready to be a success.” 

Now, go to your window or step outside and look at the moon. With a hand on your heart, take a few breaths with that brilliant orb. The moon is a divine feminine force that can hold you in her loving fullness. Feel her inherent magic. Feel the things you need to shed, and, on an exhale, gently breathe some of the heaviness out toward the moon. Don’t worry, she can hold it. 

Now that you’ve greeted the Full Moon, set a gentle intention for your ceremony this evening. 

Connect to What Needs Illumination 

Take a seat in your sacred space. Determine to do the rest of this exercise with as much self compassion, self forgiveness and gentleness as possible. Know that whatever didn’t work out wasn’t supposed to. You are exactly where you’re meant to be. 

Take out your pen and paper and on it write down the answers to these questions: 

  1. What wounds are holding me back from opportunity mindset?
  2. What would make me feel ready to let go of these wounds?
  3. What inner guidance do I need in order to move forward in the direction of my dreams?

Take some time to journal more about what is coming up for you.
Moon Breath

When your writing is complete, find a comfortable seat with a long spine for our moon meditation. Close your eyes. Put your hand on your heart once again. Breathe and feel the moon with you. Feel the moon holding you. Feel her light like a bright orb inside of your heart, making you completely luminous in her light. 

This luminosity is who you truly are. 

Ask gently for the moon to help you to release the old hurts, wounds, and anything that may be holding you back from shining like the bright moonlight you are. 

Now call to mind something you are ready to let go of when it comes to starting your spiritual business--this can be something that came up in your journaling or an issue that’s feeling tender and is really calling to you right now. 

With the moon in your heart, begin the following cycle of breath.

  1. Breathe in feeling that thing that needs to be shed--its related energy and emotions. 
  2. Breathe out, releasing that thing to the moon, letting it go. 
  3. Breathe in the loving, compassionate moon energy. 
  4. Breathe out, sending your love back to the moon. 

Continue this cycle as many times as you need to release your burdens. Remember to be gentle with yourself here. Whether or not you feel a shift immediately, trust that the divine feminine as moon has received your intention to release, forgive, and transform. Release the blockages with as much willpower and determination as possible. And when you’re done with the exercise, don’t doubt it. Fully believe in your power. Believe with full faith and let it go. 

End the moon breath by repeating steps 3 and 4 several times. Breathe in the moon’s love, breathe love back to the moon. In this way, you and the moon are breathing together. The full moon is a large circle that speaks of wholeness and completeness.  Now breathe with outstretched arms, feeling how opening your arms wide allows you to feel open. Think about opening your heart to new opportunities and feel the moon in your heart supporting your success, making you luminous with your own light. As you breathe with the moon, feel yourself whole, complete, and perfect...exactly as you are, right here and right now. 

Take a few moments in silence, listening to the messages the moon has for you, resting with your hand on your heart. 

When you feel nourished and complete, close the experience by feeling your aura strong around you as a white orb like the moon, cleansing and clearing away what you no longer need. Let the moon become a bubble of joy and let it fill all of you with joy. Give thanks to the moon, feeling gratitude for her gifts. Give thanks to yourself for having the courage to move forward fearlessly.  Move into the next thing you do with that joy in your heart. Congratulations. You are free. 


“The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.” ~ Paramhansa Yogananda

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