spiritual entrepreneur Jul 20, 2020

Everybody longs to be free. It’s a core aspect of the soul, because the soul itself is free. All of these false restrictions that life and society place upon us create a core wounding, making us feel that we are not enough. 

These constraints, these inner judges and juries, ultimately cut us off from ourselves and can even create a sense of paralysis.

Why Do We Feel Locked Up?

Perfection Paralysis

A culprit that keeps many spiritual entrepreneurs constricted is something I like to call “perfection paralysis.” This is the idea that we delay from taking action because we’re afraid the circumstances or the results might not be perfect.

Rules, Rules, Rules

Another constraint can look like a war between your inner child and inner adult. Your inner child is begging for freedom, but not feeling safe because of all the rules they have experienced their entire life. In turn, your inner adult may feel depleted and fearful.

Why Is Freedom Essential for Spiritual Entrepreneurs?

When it comes to both your inner development and the development of your business, you have to let yourself be free. Free to explore, free to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes, free to grow, free to trust your instincts. This is because entrepreneurship is leadership. Being a free-spirit and a free thinker helps in decision making, inspiring others, and instilling confidence in your clients. 

So, you might be thinking, how can I free myself up?

Here are some tools to do just that...

1. Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself can be the most liberating part of your journey to freedom. It will break down the walls and let freshness come back in. Because it’s the fear of what others will think or that old fear of being weird that holds us back. As we acknowledge and accept all that we are, we can connect to our inherent freedom and our inherent power. 

When we are kind to ourselves, the inner child gets soothed and we have more space to be ourselves. Our inner kind, responsible, trustworthy, and wise parent can emerge. And guess what? I that inner adult is not a stick in the mud, they’re not boring and they’re not a nag. They are a free, empowered warrior, just like your true self. 

2. Empower Yourself

Claim your space, your freedom, and your power whenever and wherever possible. 

As many times a day as you can, choose to make a decision from a place of power. Choose to embody your power. 

Simple ways to invite yourself to be more empowered include: 

  • Take on power poses and stand up tall throughout your day. When you have your full spine, you have your full breath. Your breath is a key to empowered freedom. 
  • Use an affirmation that you can repeat to yourself through the day.
    Great ones include: “I reclaim my power” or “I am in my full power.”
  • Walk with strong steps and really try to feel your feet hitting the earth when you walk.
  • Speak with your full voice. 

Taking daily steps toward your inner warriorship will really help you to feel more free and empowered. Remember that you are nobody’s are everybody’s equal, because we are all children of the divine. 

3. Enjoy Yourself

The antidote of perfection paralysis is most often having fun! Your joy and fun are palpable and will immediately help you feel free, more inspired, more confident, more alive. Your inner child loves fun, after all!

As you go about your day, take your time, enjoy yourself, play, and slow down. These shifts will give you a sense of spaciousness, which is truly at the heart of freedom.

Exercises in Freedom

I’m really excited to share with you these two powerful exercises in connecting to your inner freedom. Let’s go...

1. Journaling Exercise 

Try the following journaling exercise to identify some key points about freedom for you. 

What does freedom feel like to you?

What areas of your life already feel free and expansive?

What do you love most about yourself?

What needs to be liberated from your life and business that would free you up?

2. Meditation Experience

This is a powerful exercise to access where you need to free yourself up. It’s a meditation about warriorship, standing firmly in yourself, and feeling free. 

You are walking through the forest, up the mountain of your spiritual path. You’ve been walking for a while and it’s kind of cold out, but it’s okay because you have an overcoat. 

As you keep walking, a part of you feels like this overcoat is a little bit uncomfortable. But it’s not that bad. You’ve gotten used to it. Your shoulders hunch and little bit. And your back rounds ever so slightly. 

Your soul keeps taking steps on its path in this heavy coat. At times you feel like the coat is helping you. The coat is warm after all. It is protective after all.

Eventually, your journey of many steps takes you all the way up to a precipice. To the edge of a cliff.

At the cliff’s edge is a huge mirror. 

You take a look into the mirror and you realize that you’ve never really seen yourself before. And you can’t really see what you look like with this heavy coat on.

This is a coat of expectations. Of restrictions. Of comparison with others. Of could haves, should haves, and would haves. It’s a coat of limitations. It may have felt comfortable at times. But fundamentally, you don’t know where you got it and you never asked for it. 

You can see clearly now that this coat isn’t yours and it was never meant to be yours. 

Floating in the sky beyond the cliff are your loved ones, your soul friends, your spirit guides, your master teachers, your soul self. They tell you to jump into the air, off the edge of the cliff and spirit will catch you. 

But you realize that with this coat on, you will never be able to fly.

You reach for the buttons. You struggle to remove them. This coat has to go. But it won’t come off. 

Until a light from your heart glows. It’s your inner child. 

Your inner child says, “It’s okay, I’ll help you.”

Your inner child emerges as a form next to you. You receive the love and light of experiencing your inner child. 

Then your inner child gently undoes the buttons, by saying something kind to you at each one:  

“I love you”
“You are amazing”
“I believe in you”
“I’m so proud of you”
“You can be free now”
“I accept you” 

These magical, positive beliefs remove the bondage of the once insurmountable buttons.

The heavy coat falls to the ground. You and your inner child look at it. And you can see that this coat is completely hollow and empty. A false shell. A delusion.

So you and your inner child pick up that old, sad coat, and together you throw it into the ocean where the coat dissolves.

Your inner child takes your hand and you become integrated once again. Your inner child re-enters your heart space, and you feel how safe, secure, and free your inner child now is.

You are free to embrace your inner adult. 

Your inner warrior. 

You feel your feet firmly on the ground.

You are standing your ground from a place of utter warriorship. 

You feel yourself in your own fully expanded state.

You feel your inner power.

You are an exalted warrior. 

And from here…

You have the ability and the courage to soar.

You leap off the edge of the cliff and you soar high above the sky, towards golden sunlight, in the company of your soul council, and in the great company of your very own true self. 

Congratulations. You are now free. 






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